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Dimensions of the Shipping Containers- Buyers Guide

Most of the goods that are transported from one continent to another, they are placed in a shipping container. It is estimated that more than 90% of the goods that move through the seas are packed in intermodal shipping containers. These kinds of containers are uniquely designed so that can be moved from the ship, to railroad car, trucks cargo plane, and the tractor-trailer rigs. The standard dimension ensure that there is no much hassle when the container is transferred from one place to another. The standard dimensions mean that there is a standard shape, standard corner casting, and standard construction. Before you buy a container, you should do ample research as there are different dimensions.

The standard containers that you will find in the market are the 20ft high cube, 40ft high cube, 20ft standard, and 40ft standard containers. Apart from the standard sizes, there are small ones that are less than 18fts. For any kind of transport, you can use the 20ft shipping containers. The most cost-effective container when you are shipping a lot of goods via the sea is the 40ft shipping container. These containers are airtight, and the material used in their construction is airtight. High cube shipping container are the same as the standard ones; the only difference is that they have an extra food overhead. They are therefore suited for transportation of the more extensive equipment.

Apart from the standard containers, there are the ones that have unique features. The first one is called the ventilated shipping container, which ensures that there is constant airflow, constant temperature, and no accumulation of humidity. The maximum payload of these containers is the 21700kgs, and their common dimension is 20ft. The other kind of the shipping container is the refrigerated ones. The temperature range between -25 and 25 degrees. There are also those that can reduce the temperature to as low as -60 degrees. They freeze the good on transit using external power. The refrigerated shipping containers can either be 20ft or 40ft. Depending on what you are transporting, you can also consider the open space or the flat rack shipping containers.

The use of shipping containers began just 60 years ago. The shipping containers saves time, money, and labor. Standarsixation of the containers’ dimension also simplified things. You should take time when you are choosing a shipping container as it will ensure that you get the one that meets the needs of your business. You are going to find a container that meets your needs when you contact the shipping company. View more on this page about the best dealer of shipping containers.

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